when u give zero shits and just wanna embrace train wreck status every once in a while u actually have so much fun!!! had so much fun tonight like i really truly needed it!!!

my roommate keeps me emotionally stable by letting me vent to her at four in the morning, and for that i absolutely love and adore her more than i already do!!

tbh i just wanna get really drunk and make out with a boy this weekend whatever idc

definitely feeling some type of way on this disgusting rainy day because i definitely did just cry listening to 5000 candles in the wind lmao

i get so heated when i see pretty words because it reminds me that i can’t transform my thoughts into pretty words and that’s the only talent i have ever truly wanted in life

goals: read more, write more, do less sad blogging

I’m at the library studying for an exam and a quiz that I have tomorrow but in reality I’m listening to Gilmore Girls playing from another tab on the low.