is it possible to get fucked up on coffee i am so fucking hyped right now like what am i even typing SOS

most boys aren’t worth it lmao

do boys ever text back or is that just a myth

i’m making such shitty decisions right now holy shit hahahahahahahahahaha

so i made ramen in my microwave when i got back drunk tonight and i spilled like half of my cooked noodles

it was an hour ago and i’m still heated about it

i love flowers, alcohol, and black eyeliner and that’s about it


Emotion | Destiny’s Child

i just ate a belgian waffle with strawberries, chocolate chips, and whipped cream

i am filled with the kind of satisfaction no man could ever give me

what’s the optimal time to change your profile pic to maximize the amount of likes on it??? asking for a friend

i think someone just confessed his feelings for me through emojis

twenty-first century at its finest