i feel, therefore i can be free

life goal: sleep before it’s that time of the night when you regret all your life decisions lol

I’ve been on Tumblr since I was 15 and I’m turning 19 in like 24 hours………..

My life has changed so much since then holy shit

i wish i had a kitten sigh

lana del rey will literally be 20 minutes away from my house in may and i have a fucking exam that day and will be ~1.5 hours away i am inconsolable leave me here to die plz

Literally my favorite thing in the world is the fact that my mom never fails to message me “Take care beautiful! I love you!” every time she’s on Facebook :’)

i fell asleep at 10 and for once thought i could sleep normally but then i woke up at 1:30 and have been awake since and now i have a massive headache wow fuck why can’t i go to sleeeeeeep

it’s 3 am and i’m listening to lovebug by the jonas brothers and i’m feelin this song so hard right now wow amazing